508 City Road, South Melbourne


  • APCO
  • Studio Goss
  • Tycorp Construction


City Road is an offering of premium, light-filled office space perfectly situated on the fringe of Melbourne’s CBD. Featuring large singular floor plates and extensive glazing as its functional and aesthetic anchor, the design elements nurture the effective and proven fusion between efficiency and well-being.

The redevelopment has been approached through a multi-faceted process that considers the contemporary working model for small and medium sized businesses within a design-focused, 5-storey commercial office space.

Harnessing all the advantages of inner-city Melbourne with the convenience of on-site parking, seamless access to key roads and arterial routes, and respite from the over-populated CBD.

Key Features


The design focused on showcasing the structure of the building. The speedfloor floor system with its concrete slab soffit and intricate metal beams provide visual interest within the space and maximise ceiling heights.

The use of a light void was incorporated into the design to permit natural daylight and ventilation to all office floors. This provides better amenities and reduces operating costs as less mechanical ventilation and artificial lighting is required.

The communal rooftop terrace is a focal point of the building, not only for the panoramic views to the city but for providing an additional multi-functional space.


The project was critical in the urban regeneration of a once industrial area. Delivering new office space has created jobs not only in the building itself but in the surrounding area. It has encouraged other business to provide goods and services to these workers, stimulating economic growth and benefits to South Melbourne.

The design and offering within the building also provides positive social outcomes. Extensive natural daylight, access to outdoor space on the landscaped terraces contributed positively to user satisfaction, well-being and productivity. The communal rooftop terrace provides the opportunity for social engagement and interaction and fosters relationships between tenancies.


The methodology of integrating the existing building with the new building can be utilised for similar developments whereby old commercial office stock needs to be updated and enhanced to meet the demands of current needs. This is required in inner city locations where space is at a premium, sites need to be regenerated but must incorporate existing built form into the design due to heritage, cost savings, programme or delivery constraints. This project showed having the new structure independent of the old is a unique approach – it minimised demolition, preserved the existing, sped up the construction process and saved costs.


The unique innovation of the project was the design of the structural system. Due to the existing building needing to be retained as well as the limitations of the soil load bearing capacity, the design team needed to think outside the box to come up with an innovative solution to add additional office floors. The new addition hovers above the existing built form. Both have structures working independently of each other. This ensured the existing footings didn’t need to be enlarged and the existing building footprint could be preserved. This minimised demolition, construction programme and overall costs.


A central light-court and roof top terrace provide essential breakout zones and boasts BBQ’s amenities and panoramic city views. Inside, the interior schematics are entirely flexible owing to the open-concept layout, while aesthetics are contemporary and minimal.

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