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WMK undertook the refurbishment and repositioning of the lobby and atrium at 40-60 City Rd, Southbank on behalf of our client ARA. What was a tired, transitional space has been transformed into an active third space, accessible not only to the building tenants but the wider Southgate community.

Key Features


WMK took a considered approach to the design of the lobby and atrium spaces, focusing on retention and repurposing where possible. The double height of the lobby was previously constrained by a significant lighting element which was cleverly removed to maximise the volume while its structure remained as a trace of the previous design.
A new rhythm and material language were introduced providing an overlay of warmth to the lower portion of the space. A mix of textured and smooth floor finishes within the same tone were used to delineate not only thresholds but places to meet & pause.


WMK worked within the pink granite expanse of the Atrium taking the approach of minimal intervention, maximum impact. We strategically targeted the ground plane as an area of focus, installing new floor tiles and inserting the prefabricated timber meeting pods.

The lobby is a shallow transitional space and we focused our attention upwards, maximising the visitors experience of the light filled volume as they pass through to the lift core.


WMK transformed a previously tired transitional experience into a place for tenants and the broader Southgate community to pause or meet. Darker, dated finishes were overlaid to create a light filled lobby experience, grounded by the warm expanse of timber cladding and pops of diffused light and planting.


Gone is the reception counter of old and in its place, WMK introduced a standing height concierge table which doubles as an alternative meeting point for tenants when not in use. This furniture item provides added connectivity to the large digital screen behind with the intent that tenants could potentially share content directly and engage with the building portal.
The old stacked stone landscape beds within the atrium have been removed and new pre-fabricated meeting decks located directly over their previous footprint. These timber structures provide both spaces to meet and access to power & data for tenants.


Another key feature of the space was WMK’s approach to the timber cladding. We wanted the warmth of timber but not the typical, sometimes over used slatted approach. We focused on the natural grain and tone of Blackbutt and installed this in varying panel sizes and grain orientations to create some diversity & interest across the wall plane. Portions are punctuated by black steel bands and soft, diffused light fittings doted throughout the space. Sections of slatted timber have been included but more as a textural device to highlight the overall cladding pattern.

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