2112Ai 100YC


  • Tom Kovac Director 21121Ai 100YC ECoC, RMIT School of Architecture & Design
  • Fleur Watson Curator 21121Ai 100YC ECoC, RMIT School of Architecture & Design
  • Katherine Mott Project Manager 2112Ai 100YC ECoC, RMIT School of Architecture & Design
  • Sean Kelly CEO CORUS
  • Andrew Underwood Business Development Manager VPAC (Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing) and Keith Deverell Projection and Soundscape Design 21121Ai 100YC ECoC


The 2012 Maribor European Capital of Culture and the 100YC [100 Year City] project participated at the biggest architectural event in the world. 100YC has engaged over 1000 people (students, studio leaders, architects, advisors, mentors, key stakeholders) have engaged with the 100YC project. This has engaged scaled and collaborated resulting in 2.5M hits, 2.1M file exchanges and produced 60% user engagement per day between all participants.

Key Features


Identifies strategies appropriate in modelling emergent design research practice.


Encourages trans-disciplinary thinking, \’online\’ collaborative practice as core requirements for future innovation.


Recognizes evolution in interfaces and new dynamics across cognitive and technological domains in addressing complexity and innovation in design thinking.


Promotes a long view venturing into speculative futures fostering optimism as core conditions in reshaping design and global economies of the 21st century.


The 13th Venice Architecture Biennale and 2012 European Capital of Culture program providing global collaboration and engagement platform for futrue design collabortion and design practice.

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