100 Years of Discoveries for Humanity


  • Walter & Eliza Institute of Medical Research
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The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research is Australia’s oldest medical research institute, and is internationally recognised as a leader in scientific research, particularly in cancer, immunology and infectious disease research.

This discovery timeline represents the 100 year history of the institute’s discoveries, people, activities and achievements.

By communicating these feats we hope to inspire and encourage medical research, as well as show the impact and outcomes that the institute’s research has had on the Australian and international community.

Key Features


A main objective is to fully immerse the user in the content so they discover a world of intertwined discoveries and scientific breakthroughs. The project allows people to explore the discoveries through a number of pathways and then lose themselves in the content by following one story across time or discovering a related breakthroughs and pursuing their own journey.


The content strategy and design takes into consideration the consumption trends, and provides an approach that allows users to consume varied content dependent on the device that is being used.


Walter and Eliza have some truly incredible imagery and a unique, bespoke interface was created to exhibit these as full screen imagery. This encouraged people to delve deeper into exploration.


The resulting project is an immersive and engaging site that adhere\’s to all the Australian Governments accessibility (AA) requirements.

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