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The City of Casey had a considerable challenge to turnaround a disengaged workforce through a strategic behaviour change brand and campaign.

As the second fastest growing region in Victoria, with council’s responsibilities only increasing, a negative workplace culture was proving to be a significant barrier to achieving Casey’s goals and better serving its community.

The ‘Simply Brilliant’ campaign was developed to communicate a new way of working which encourages staff to actively change their mindset. We delivered a full suite of brand communication tools, including videos, workplace signage, presentation tools and templates, intranet branding, t-shirts and merchandise.

Key Features


The Simply Brilliant brand and campaign gained immediate traction across the organisation. It is now integrated into council’s processes, and its physical and digital workplace, using simple messaging to drive engagement and encourage employees to actively collaborate, focus on their customers, continuously improve, while working towards a better workplace.

There was instant demand for use of the brand business-wide, increasing participation and enhancing collaboration. It differentiated the organisation from any other council, with Casey now conducting “best practice” tours to executive visitors and the private sector on how the City of Casey are doing things differently and challenging workplace norms.


The impact of the design was hugely significant on employee engagement. It unified staff – crucial during a time of business transformation and delivery of a very ambitious Council Plan. The design allowed the integrated communication of a fundamental new structure and organisational objectives with a cultural call to action. It led an immediate increase in recognition of staff contributions from managers and peers alike which, in turn, fostered pride and cross functional engagement. The simple, accessible approach facilitated a change from silo-thinking, and fostered a culture where new ideas and different ways of thinking are encouraged.


Simply Brilliant brought the organisation’s strategy to life for staff in a way that had never been done. The design facilitated the easy understanding of how the newly transformed organisation will function and how this related to the Council Plan. The design’s character-driven approach infused the organisation with positive “how we do things” messages – executed throughout council’s physical and virtual workspaces. It brought the desired behaviours out of being theoretical and into everyday vernacular. The design approach was enthusiastically embraced by staff which sped up the adoption exponentially.


The simple design converted basic shapes into engaging characters – using humour to deliver key behaviour change messages. This abstract approach facilitated easier behaviour change as the characters provided staff with simple direction without lecturing them. The characters were able to communicate things in a lighthearted way which could have otherwise appeared patronising. Eliminating an authoritative tone allowed for barriers to be broken down across the organisation and motivated staff to engage.

This innovative graphic approach made it fun, bright and sincere. It embodied the principle of ‘keeping it simple’ and differentiated the organisation from other local government staff engagement models.

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